New and Unique Ways to Piss Me Off

So, wake up this morning, want to check email of course, open up Chrome, go to my Office365 account annnnd…

Fig. 1: What fresh hell is this?


Well. I'd fuckin' love to sign in, O365, but, um… usually there's a login field to do so with? Do you see one in that screenshot? I sure don't. I also don't know what user ID and/or password you aren't recognizing as I haven't provided one yet as you're not giving me a fucking place to do so.


Shortly thereafter, I go to pay my Comcast bill online. The online bill pay, of course, fails. Repeatedly. Sigh. Open a chat session with "Larie", which is an interesting nickname for a 22 year old dude in Chennai, India.  

Surprisingly, "Larie" is quite helpful and zips me through paying my bill. Apparently, their online billpay goes tits up enough to where their reps have the ability to send a one-time payment form via their chat client that works, well, much better than their online bill pay does.

Having done customer service before, when a drone asks me to fill out a survey or feedback form, I usually do it. Sure, they're annoying, but these poor fuckers get rated based on these things, and probably can get fired for not having enough of them submitted, even though that's entirely out of their control. 

So I'm filling the form out when I get to this question:

Fig. 2: What in the actual fuck.


I haven't the slightest goddamned idea what this is actually asking me. They want me to expend as little effort as possible in paying my bill? I usually do those sorts of tasks with a decisive, poweful quickness. If I say I put a Very High effort into this task, which I did, because I like my bills paid, will they consider Larie to have failed me? 

I don't need this kind of pressure in my life, frankly. 

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