Is The Prolapsed Asshole of Journalism With Hot Scoop On Kid Having Detention

Just… man. Just read that sad shit. Imagine being a grown-assed adult and waking up one day to have your boss tell you that your job for that day was to write a hit piece on a fuckin' little nerd kid who has, mind you, already been fucking profiled and arrested and humiliated by the police and his entire hometown's government and education apparatus for the very severe crime of being brown and curious in America.

And, dear God, whatever you do, do NOT read the comments. I don't want to share a planet with these mongoloids, much less citizenship in the same country. I cannot comprehend calling forth that level of hate and vitriol towards a CHILD who did nothing worse than junk up together a crappy digital clock and want to show it off to the people who should care most about nurturing those instincts in any child, even a brown, Muslim one.

I wonder if author Merrill Hope (as dead-gazed a southron Stepford Momma for Jesus as you can possibly picture in your mind) was particularly proud of using the "Sudanese-American" label for Ahmed, something neither he nor his family actually use, since they're actually, y'know, Americans, whether or not Merrill or her bed-wetting comrades in arms can bring themselves to acknowledge it. Good on you, Merrill, for absolutely mastering the art of Othering those who differ from you in even the slightest bit.

I know, I know… "smr, it's fucking The fuck did you expect?". Fuck me for hoping that, just maybe, this was a weird small-town Texas aberration of hatred of the sort we just have to occasionally accept when Texas is involved. But nope, it's woven into the very fabric of our entire dumb, unjustly-terrified nation at this point. And that's sad.

Anyway… hope you're feelin' real good about yourself, Merrill. You took a hateful, steaming dump on the sort of kid vibrantly interested in STEM stuff that America should be positively fawning over. Because he had detention a few times, and may even have been suspended (GASP!) once.

I hope all your kids get addicted to Oxy. 

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