Not My Favorite Writer, But a Damned Good Prognosticator

’Cause the technology is just gonna get better and better and it’s gonna get easier and easier and more and more convenient and more and more pleasurable to sit alone with images on a screen given to us by people who do not love us but want our money and that’s fine in low doses but if it’s the basic main staple of your diet you’re gonna die.

— David Foster Wallace, 1996

Y'know, I've always found DFW a bit over-rated, probably more due to how he's held in such high-esteem by the sort of tortured, trust fund MFA program fuckers that I find personally loathsome in the extreme, but that was some prescient, accurate shit right there. Particularly since he wrote it way back 1996 :S

On that note, off to a family thing on my wife's side where I'll say hi to everyone for five minutes then probably stare at my phone until we leave.

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Disaffected middle-aged guy who hates what the internet has become and led to and just wants to write on his quiet corner of it that he actually owns himself because WOW was social media a bad idea. I mostly write about books and terrible current events. Sorry.


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