I can't imagine anyone needing this page as I'm sure the near-dozen of you who have ever read anything published here know me in real life already. But, hey, "About" pages are de rigeur so here goes:

  • i am smr
  • i can generally be found in chicago
  • i like (which i like more than others varies with the day):
    • my wife
    • my cats
    • my guitars
    • the chicago blackhawks
    • whisky
    • old style
  • i write here, mostly about books, sometimes about the absurdities of my commute, sometimes about just random-assed shit, but i write here because, goddammit, i've had a personal website for two decades now (even if I dump it out and clear all the content in a fit every year or so) and i don't want _everything_ i write to be data-mined by Zuckerberg for free

About Me

Disaffected middle-aged guy who hates what the internet has become and led to and just wants to write on his quiet corner of it that he actually owns himself because WOW was social media a bad idea. I mostly write about books and terrible current events. Sorry.


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