I can't imagine anyone needing this page as I'm sure the near-dozen of you who have ever read anything published here know me in real life already. But, hey, "About" pages are de rigeur so here goes:

  • i am smr
  • i can generally be found in chicago
  • i like (which i like more than others varies with the day):
    • my wife
    • my cats
    • my guitars
    • the chicago blackhawks
    • whisky
    • old style
  • i write here, mostly about books, sometimes about the absurdities of my commute, sometimes about just random-assed shit, but i write here because, goddammit, i've had a personal website for two decades now (even if I dump it out and clear all the content in a fit every year or so) and i don't want _everything_ i write to be data-mined by Zuckerberg for free

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