Some Days You Just Don’t Have It

I got nothing today.

I blame part of this on the outside: this might be my least-favorite kind of weather; cold, but not cold enough to be snowing (I enjoy me a good snowfall). Full wind warning, trees blowing over, shit flying off of the balconies, friends losing roofs out in the ‘burbs… dark and grey and wet and cold-ish all day. Just… bleaugh. Everything about this weather says “get under a blanket on a couch as soon as you can and read a book until it’s not a weird time to just surrender and go to bed”. Which, of course, isn’t possible, because one is an adult with responsibilities….

So. Get through work, which was a seemingly-endless parade of dumb customer requests and co-workers who seem to have hit their heads on something sharp and dense on the way in. Nothing inspiring in today’s workload, just something you want to survive and get past.

Checking in with the news, also nothing but a gigantic depressive. The circus of Trump’s administration heaving its corrupt bulk towards office is gaining steam, with rushed confirmation hearings on a rogue’s gallery displaying a lack of morality or self-awareness that would make a Motörhead tour manager wince… the Russians either subverting the very core of American government or being blown into a bogeyman out of all proportion to their efforts or ability, depending on who you ask…

Yeah. The sort of day that you just get through. Which I’ve mostly done. Back into the batter’s box tomorrow, hopefully to be the recipient there of fresh inspiration or at least a greater willingness to participate in society at all.