incremental improvements!

Sometimes I think to myself “you’re far the fuck too negative, man, find something positive to say about something” and okay here goes I think one of the definite actual better things these days are those little pieces of tape that hold whatever flap you gotta open on the box when you buy some tech dingus?

You know what I’m talking about for years you’d try to gently pry that tape off without totally gang-banging the box underneath it because “what if this thing sucks I can’t even afford this what the fuck am i doing” and you don’t want to get denied a return because the box looks like a goat tried to fuck it and FUCK it just ripped through 70% of the box cover itself…

And then, like a few years back, Apple started putting this… different tape on boxes, that had a nice little loose tab you could grab and it would perfectly unzip that tape from the box on the seam so all the packaging would come free nicely and everybody was like “man, Apple may be driving contractor labor to suicide over there in Asia but they’re really making some strides in packaging!” and now a few years later, like always, everybody in tech has copied Apple and I can’t think of the last dork thing I bought to fill the gigantic empty space in my heart where happiness is supposed to be that DIDN’T have a nice little tabbed tape thing instead of hell-glue stickers and so yeah… that’s my positive thought of the day:

Box tape on expensive gadgets I don’t actually need has gotten much nicer.

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