My Specific Beef With Steve Bannon

Poor Steve’s already living in “Dunk City: Population: Him” today so I don’t see a specific need to pile on him in general, though, of course, fuck him, he should rot in hell and/or prison for the rest of his time for his crimes, etc., and so on, but I do want to mention one specific, personal reason I loathe that motherfucker: he’s really ruined the rep of old white guys who are into ancient history, ie: me 😦

You see these dumbshits on Twitter (they all have avatars of some old, white, marble statues) all the time, they read like the first quarter of the Odyssey and maybe a single essay of Plato, but the rest of their knowledge literally comes from 20+ rewatchings of 300 and 600 hours of Assassin’s Creed. Deep as a puddle, these fucks.

Bannon is a classic example of this; remember when his star was still ascendant in the early Trump administration two/six million years ago? I remember reading at least three different articles about what a classical strategist he was, how everybody in the White House was scrambling to read Thucydides to catch up to Master Steve’s level… just ridiculous horseshit, all of it. Sure. The lessons of ancient Sparta, a slaveocracy run by about 30 families that never even amounted to much in Greece, much less as a world empire, have total relevance to running a bloodthirsty-yet-fading hyperpower in the 21st Century. Sure. Okay. Next, we’ll decide economic policy based on how one Dutch merchant cornered the tulip trade in the 17th Century, I’m sure that will work out just as well!

I’d love to pin this fucker down and ask him “okay, you know a tiny, tiny bit about ancient Greece, which was like 1/1000th of the world even at the time. Give me just ONE sentence on, I dunno, the Warring States era of China, which was contemporary to the Greece you claim to adore. Describe for me the role of the two primary Arabic tribal groupings in the pre-Islamic age in the Byzantine-Persians wars of the 6th Century, and their impact on the subsequent rise of Islam in the region. Fuck it, just answer me this, Oh Lord of Ancient History: was Timbuktu real? Poseur-assed fanboi. You ain’t a sophist. You ain’t shit”.

‘Cuz of this asshole and others like him in the laughably-named “Intellectual Dark Web”, now even expressing an interest in Roman history or the philosophy classics of ancient Athens is greeted with absolute suspicion by regular folks. And who can blame then, when the most and loudest fake fanbois of this shit are all also Nazis. 

Fuck man. Stop ruining my fandoms.

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