Fuck Larry Ellison

Rich Dickhead Ends Everything Because He Isn’t Glorified Enough

Sigh. It’s almost like the American model of Capitalist Philanthropy is a grossly-inefficient way to allocate research dollars or even choose what gets research in the first place.

Yeah, sure, he’s going to relaunch a COVID-19-focused charity or some shit instead, what the fuck ever. Think of all the wasted money and effort that went into… whatever the fuck his foundation has achieved up to this point. Tons of small, on-the-ground operations that were actually achieving good things are now going to have to scramble to figure out their funding that used to come from this twat, but who’s now going to spend however long redoing his foundation from the ground up and with a different goal for whatever reason. Just… a colossal waste and huge, negative impact on people actually doing the work.

Why should one rich asshole (and, even by the standard of All Billionaires Are Sociopathic Fuckfaces, ol’ Larry here is a REMARKABLE piece of shit) get to decide what’s worth focusing on in the first place? “bUt iTs HIS mOnEy!!!!” I can hear the bootlicking Stockholm Syndrome-havers spittle out onto their chins already.


And one of the putative “advantages” of capitalism is that it’s supposed to be efficient with the allocation of resources. How in the FUCK is it efficient to have every billionaire run his own charity foundation, aka tax dodge, each with its own grotesque layer of hangers-on sucking away admin dollars, than to just tax these cunts and allocate the money at a robust, federal level where it is needed? Where our democratically-elected representatives can listen to our will and we can therefore collectively decide where the money should go?

It isn’t. But we’ve decided that individual charity, sprayed about per the moment to moment whims and fancies of rich fucklords, is the best way to do this.

It’s clearly not. Tax these shitheads and distribute these funds at a federal level to maximize impact.

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