i will need the brands to, as the kids say, “knock it off”

i desperately need The Brands to cut this shit out. you’d think this would be from like my health care access provider or my work HR or something…


it’s from the fucking place I order RAZOR BLADES and shaving cream online from.

how… how did it come to this? when I was a child, our laundry detergent never checked in on my mood. it was too busy making INSANELY RACIST commercials to get white people to buy it. the peanut butter we bought never ONCE told me it cared about me.

and i was okay with that. honestly, i vastly preferred it. i give you money for things i need, brands. you give me the thing. there is no emotional connection here. you are a capitalist creation and i, regardless of needing you In This Moment, wish for nothing more than your total and utter destruction at the earliest possible moment.

please. fuck off entirely with this.

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