I Never Thought The Leopards Would Eat MY Face

There’s a grim humor in watching what Bill Barr and Brian Kemp are going through with their dime-store Führer right now. I’m constantly amazed that anybody not tied by blood to Trump is willing to risk ANYTHING for that colossally disloyal asshole (and I’m honestly not sure why the relatives stick around, either).

Both of these dickheads have done everything short of personally gunning down Biden voters (and Barr, arguably, has at least given orders to do so, just not done so himself) to keep that fat fuckhead in power against the undeniable evidence that he lost the 2020 election. And their reward?

Trump dumps them, accusing them of disloyalty.

Sure, somebody in Trump’s immediate circle talked Trump down from directly firing Barr to instead letting him resign with whatever concept of dignity exists in either Trump’s or Barr’s heads. But, given how hard Barr has worked to pervert the entire apparatus of American law enforcement into promoting the ideal of a Republican Presidency as having Pope-levels of infallibility, it’s hilarious that it wasn’t Enough for Trump to just let that Earl Sinclair-looking motherfucker run out the last coupla weeks of this administration in office.

Even better, Kemp is now somehow Trump’s Public Enemy #1. He can’t shut up about how much he hates a guy that, ah *checks notes* has disenfranchised his own citizens by the town-load in an attempt to keep Trump and the GOP in power.

It would seriously be hard to find a more sycophantic suck-up spineless blowjob of a man than Brian Kemp. He’s been a servile lackey of white supremacism his entire life, and couldn’t violate his various oaths of office and the very concept of democracy hard enough in service to Trump, and his reward is to just get shit on in great, steaming, rhinoceros-sized piles by the very man he loves most.

Do I wish both of these assholes could suffer physical pain and gross material deprivation along with their admittedly mostly inside baseball-grade humiliations? Absofuckinglutely. Though Kemp might yet, given how riled up Trump seems to want to make the most violently psychotic goons amongst his Georgia supporters. We’re definitely going to see an, oddly, Republican politician get fuckin’ air-holed by some MAGA chud before we see a Democrat get rubbed out.

If it has to happen, either of these lumps would be the ideal victim.

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