The Collapse of Empire: Hating Labor So Much You Run Out of Employees

Well, this is frankly kind of hilarious:

Amazon Running Out of People To Hire

Imagine hating your employees so much that, rather than retain them (with the expense of raises and training and promotions and such that that would imply), you’ve literally had corporate policy to fire as many of them as you can each year to avoid any of them getting a sense of entitlement about their job. And you need a LOT of employees to keep the ol’ stock dividends pumping.

Now imagine that you’ve literally exhausted your potential hiring pool due to that visceral loathing of your own workers.

lol. lmao.

I’d like to think that this might force Amazon to make some changes; improve benefits, wages, and conditions so that your retention isn’t dogshit and maybe you don’t need to have such a large constant whirlwind of hiring going on?

But, who are we kidding: this will end with God-Emperor DeSantis declaring in 2027 that Amazon’s sacred right to labor means the 13th Amendment is toast and slavery’s coming back, folks!

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