Gun Laws For Thee, Not For Me

So today’s “We are fucked” trophy winner is the new SCOTUS opinion that basically holds that no state nor the federal government can make a law restricting gun ownership that would piss off a 17th century English duke.


This is the same SCOTUS that shat its pants when a protester armed with nothing more than a sign showed up outside one of their homes. The entire fucking useless bag of octogenarians we suffer under as our Congress got together in like a fucking WEEK to make sure these nine lousy, unelected, life appointment lordlings got permanent enhanced round the clock taxpayer paid-for security for them and their loved ones, but the rest of us? We MUST allow every public space be the equivalent of a 19th Century Texas mining town populated solely by drunken dude cowboys.

A bunch of smarter-than-me writers are already saying all that needs to be said about this. Biden already came out to say “make your voices heard”, which I thought we fucking did when we voted for his demented, do-nothing ass, but when the President of the Most Powerful Country in Human History immediately comes out to say “sorry, nothing I can do about these nine assholes in robes, well, nothing I’m WILLING to do, at least, don’t want to be yelled at by my republican friends who are going to discover Reason and Empathy Any Day Now!”, what in the blood-red fuck is the regular joe voter supposed to fucking DO?

WE FUCKING VOTED FOR YOU ALREADY! You control the Executive Branch and both Houses of Congress! What the fuck!

I mean, I expect this kind of gloating, illogic, hateful shit from the Republicans because they are, at the least, honest about it. But I swear to god the next lib that tells me to vote harder is getting kicked right in the babymaker.

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