These People Do Not Wish To Serve

There’s a lot of reasons why current City Clerk of Chicago Anna Valencia, who seems to have believed she had the IL Secretary of State gig in the bag, deserved to lose her next job.

She should also lose her current job.

Anna Valencia, once a rising political star, weighs city clerk re-election after losing badly in secretary of state race

There’s a whole lot in that article to take objection to, but my fuck does this graf stand out to me:

Valencia said she plans to take the month of July off to catch up on sleep, vacation with her husband and reconnect with her 2-year-old daughter before deciding whether to seek re-election as clerk in a field she expects will include several serious challengers emboldened by the lobbying scandal.

Take… the entire month off?

Lady… you HAVE A FUCKING JOB. You are the City Clerk of Chicago. Us lowly constituents would like you to DO YOUR FUCKING JOB WHILE WE ARE PAYING YOU FOR IT.

I’m trying to think of anyone I know who isn’t insanely rich or a European who gets to legtimately use the phrase “I’m taking the month off from work”. Now, mind you: I think we ALL should be able to do that. But that’s not the reality of life in America right now, and my gods am I sick of seeing the few people who still have good benefits and any protection in their gigs get so pissy when the next brass ring is ripped from their grasps (or, more honestly in Anna’s case here, dropped because you’re a sleazy, entitled jerkoff who can’t believe the proles are actually holding you to account on that) that they decide to just not do their existing job for a while.

I’m sure, now that she lost her SecState bid, that she WILL run to keep her job as clerk again. And I’m just as sure that I’ll be doing what I can to remind the voters that Anna felt entitled to take the job off for a month because she was sad she lost a different job. I’ll be fucked if I see her claim she actually wants this gig in the future.

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