Author: smr

  • Old & Grumpy: Kleenex

    Introducing a new segment here at the ol’ website: Old & Grumpy! Basically, my wife doesn’t wanna hear me whine about this shit, and it’s definitely the kinda stuff I used to make fun of old people for doing, so I’m just gonna air it out here where it don’t bother no one instead of […]

  • How Did Americans, of All People, Fuck Up Running Railroads?

    I wouldn’t say I “enjoyed” this article so much as I found it fascinating and infuriating in equal measure. I’ve known bits and pieces of how our freight railroads came to their current dire straits, but this article sums it up nicely. What irks me a bit, though, is the milquetoast recommendation for what is, […]

  • Brief Thought on Iran, Sanctions, the Effectiveness Thereof…

    The protests today in Iran due to the death of a young woman while in custody for allegedly violating the dress code (which her family disputes) are, let’s be honest, probably not going to lead to the overthrow of the Islamic Republic. But I do wonder… if the US hadn’t been fucking with this poor, […]