One of the dumb things this stupid pandemic has taken from me is any justification whatsoever to indulge my bougie passion for bags.

Yes, bags.

I like trying out backbacks. Seeing which ones work best for the commute, for an overnight trip, a long weekend. Which one handles my personal combo of tech, clothes, and other shit the best.

I'm not crazy about it, I've bought maybe 3-4 bags over the last decade (and gotten like 2 surprisingly good ones from work vendors as well). But I'd poke any Instagram ad or Facebook ad promising a radical new improvement in the technology of, uh, holding stuff (I am FULLY aware of how I'm being gamed and how dumb this sounds but fuck man everybody's got their thing, let me have mine).

For the last year or so, though... where the fuck am I going? I'll see the latest from Timbuk3 or whoever and just a wave of mildly sad ennui will fill me instead of the usual frisson of "oooooh, shiny!".

The stack, sadly piled into a dead corner in my home office since March 2020. Coolers are bags, too, shut up.

I used to really enjoy planning a specific trip and deciding which bag or bags was going to be the best choice for that particular jaunt. Because the hole in my heart where happiness should live can never be filled, I would also enjoy ticking off what each bag failed at, and how NewBag2020! could possibly be the thing that finally sparks joy.

In the grand scheme of What People Have Lost Due To Covid, this doesn't even register. We're healthy, employed, and reasonably happy, which is way the hell better than a lot of folks are doing. I get that. But I'm still going to be very ever-so-slightly bitter at this ridiculously small loss, because it's become my personal totem for this entire stupid plague.

That said, have I enjoyed replacing that particular itch with a revived interest in absolutely middle-aged dude guitar nerdery? Absolutely. I cannot wait to have a valid reason to marry the two and start geeking out about which bag is best to shove all my pedals into, once I have a place to go with them again.