• 2023 In Books: “The Force” by Dan Winslow

    I like Winslow books; a bunch of shitheads, often with badges, live the FAFO lifestyle and generally have to watch everything and everybody they care about at all get absolutely wrecked, including themselves. This book doesn’t deviate from that norm. Danny Malone, NYPD God-Hero who thinks the rules don’t apply to him, gets in over… Continue reading

  • 2023, The Year In Film: Anna Karenina

    I also want to watch more movies in 2023. I’ll be tracking that journey on Letterboxd but also reposting those here in the interests of not having all my content existing solely on platforms I don’t control. Here ya go: Knew nothing about this flick other than “kinda liked the book when I read it… Continue reading

  • 2023 In Books: “City On Fire” by Dan Winslow

    This is the first of a trilogy, a fact I stupidly didn’t cotton to before I finished this not-short book in one goddamned night and wanted to immediately start on the second book. Which doesn’t come out until April. Much less the third/concluding volume 😦 Anywho, my idiocy aside… this series is basically Winslow retelling… Continue reading

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