• How Did Americans, of All People, Fuck Up Running Railroads?

    I wouldn’t say I “enjoyed” this article so much as I found it fascinating and infuriating in equal measure. I’ve known bits and pieces of how our freight railroads came to their current dire straits, but this article sums it up nicely. What irks me a bit, though, is the milquetoast recommendation for what is,… Continue reading

  • Brief Thought on Iran, Sanctions, the Effectiveness Thereof…

    The protests today in Iran due to the death of a young woman while in custody for allegedly violating the dress code (which her family disputes) are, let’s be honest, probably not going to lead to the overthrow of the Islamic Republic. But I do wonder… if the US hadn’t been fucking with this poor,… Continue reading

  • Gun Laws For Thee, Not For Me

    So today’s “We are fucked” trophy winner is the new SCOTUS opinion that basically holds that no state nor the federal government can make a law restricting gun ownership that would piss off a 17th century English duke. Great. This is the same SCOTUS that shat its pants when a protester armed with nothing more… Continue reading

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