Peter Thiel Was Fed A Diet of Lead-Laced Chinese Wall Candy As A Child

NYT decides to give many column inches to guy who shouldn’t be allowed to cross a street unaccompanied, for some reason.

Read that. Note the number of WOW lines such as:


This is just ONE pull quote from an article chock-fuckin’ full of ’em. I don’t know how anybody with a functioning mind can read this profile of Peter Thiel and NOT come away with the impression that he’s anything but a weapons-grade moron.

Can we PLEASE, as a society, stop assuming that, just because already-advantaged and connected and privileged dudes guessed lucky ONCE in their lives and made it super-rich that they have any expertise in anything else whatsoever, or even in their chosen field?

This guy’s a fucking idiot. It takes idiocy to think that Trump not disrupting things enough is the biggest risk we’re facing from his presidency. Only a completely super-loaded sociopathic jagoff can ignore the fact that tens of millions of Americans don’t have the resources to survive “disruption” like he can. This prick bankrupted a whole company and put a lot of already fairly-brokedick journalists out of work out of sheer spite because they dared to report, accurately, that he likes kissing boys. Fuck him.

If there’s a weakness to the American psyche, it’s the assumption that, if one is wealthy, one is inherently smarter and better than those who are not. It’s often nothing more than compounded generational privilege multiplied by luck that leads to the creation of hyper-wealthy creatures like Thiel and Trump, and they always seem to think that their position in life is the result of nothing more than their own personal hard work and grit. It never is; they are just narcissistically incapable of acknowledging the many factors outside of their control that tilted the playing field in their favor.

They’re no better than you or I. Let’s stop treating them like they are.

Never Thought I’d Pine for Nelson Rockefeller

Mark Zuckerberg Promises To Put A Bunch of Money Into a Not-Charity, At Some Vague Point In the Future

Honestly, I liked it better when our oligarchs would just, like, build a kickass library or museum with their ill-gotten moneys and then hand it over to the appropriate municipal agency or university to manage. They got to have their name inscribed on some marble pile for posterity, the local community got a tangible benefit that was open to all members of that community to use, everybody was happy.

Instead, today, we get dorks who figured out a way to monetize putting me in touch with the racist assholes I went to high school with putting all of their money into tax dodges designed to specifically keep said money out of the public good, and then using these tax dodges to fund “charities” that are really just ways to deprive government agencies of needed (and, frankly, owed) revenue and instead push whatever dickhead personal agenda the rich asshole wishes to push.

Look, nerds, yay for you, you’re finally the kings of the fuckin’ hill, you make more money than any five hedge fund assholes, nobody’s going to be green-lighting Revenge of the Nerds V anytime soon because those movies don’t even make fucking sense anymore, but get over yourselves. Oh, you stole ideas from others to build the dominant office computer operating system? And then you bought a different company that figured out how to do spreadsheets good and made a bundle? That’s great, Billy Gates, but it doesn’t fucking mean you’re now somehow qualified to decide how toilets should work or how sanitation should be provided to Third World villages. Likewise, Fuckerberg, just because you leveraged your Aspergers and your envy complex and the programming skills of your less-mercenary friends into, let us not forget, what was originally a way to judge college women on their looks anonymously over the Internet and stumbled into making a business out of it doesn’t mean you’re the guy who should get to decide how education in America should function.

Just… fuck it. All of your kids are pretty much damned to be the sort of weirdo rich bastards that’ll make Paris Hilton look like Joan of fucking Arc by the time they’ve reached adulthood, so just leave the fuckin’ money to them and their inevitable coke problems and rape scandals, give the tax man his cut of your estate, and go to your graves quietly already.