• Things I Like: Kindle Paperwhite, 5th Gen

    I read a lot. Like, a lot a lot. And I try basically every app or device that comes out that purports to make reading easier. Most of them are lying. For a few years now, I’ve been reading mostly on a combo of the Kindle App on my iPad and a 2nd Gen Kindle… Continue reading

  • Steve Would’ve Never Let This Happen

    I don't understand the iPad Pro line from Apple. A few months ago they release the biggest, fastest iPad ever, with the most RAM and new accessories that only it can use, the regular iPads need not apply. Then, more recently, they release what everybody would consider the mainstream version, which has a lot of… Continue reading

  • One Messaging App To Rule Them All

    Facebook Messenger. Google Hangouts. iMessages. Pushbullet. What'sApp. Snapchat. Slack. SMS. AIM (lol). I am fucking sick and tired of Messaging apps. Not because I hate messaging folks; NAY! I much prefer it to having to actually (ick) talk to people like, in person or, worse, over the phone. No, I'm sick of how fucking MANY… Continue reading

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Disaffected middle-aged guy who hates what the internet has become and led to and just wants to write on his quiet corner of it that he actually owns himself because WOW was social media a bad idea. I mostly write about books and terrible current events. Sorry.